We purchase almost all varieties of scrap metal including vehicles, catalytic converters, aluminum, brass, copper, steel, miscellaneous scrap, ferrous, non-ferrous, and more!
What many people don’t know is that most scrap can be recycled for cash payments. By recycling your scrap you are adding to the green movement.

We deal with customers that are in the trade industry that come across scrap and scrap metal on a daily basis. Many could be construction companies that may have tons of steel beams from structures, electricians that could have wires and electrical equipment or plumbers that have copper piping and brass fixtures. We see a large quantity of these metals from the trade industry, homeowners are always welcomed and encouraged to bring their own scrap to make money and recycle these materials at the right place.

What kinds of scrap materials do you recycle?

  • Vehicles*
  • Appliances & Tin
  • Ferrous – Mild Steel, Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Wrought Iron
  • Non-Ferrous – Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Die Cast, Radiators, Stainless Steel, Catalytic Converters

View or Download our Prohibited Items PDF for more details.

How can I tell what metal I have?

The easiest and most common way to figure out what kind of metal you have is by grabbing a magnet.

Hint: If you don’t have a handheld magnet handy, any magnet will do – even one from your fridge.

If the magnet sticks to your metal: You have a ferrous metal in your hands, something common like steel or iron. Ferrous metal does not have as much value as non-ferrous, but either way we will still accept it and make sure it is recycled properly.

If the magnet does not stick to your metal: The metal you have is a non-ferrous metal. Many common metals, like copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and bronze are categorized as non-ferrous metals. These metals are very valuable to recycle and are worth more money.

Once you have your metals separated, give us a call to see what metals we accept and get insight on our procedures so you know before you go.

Is there a minimum amount of scrap you’d buy?

No, if you are bringing your scrap metal to us there is no minimum amount that we will accept, there is no maximum either!

What prices do you pay for scrap?

Scrap and specifically metal prices change daily. Metals are traded on the commodity market and the prices we pay for scrap metal reflect the price we will be able to sell it for.

Pacific Steel & Recycling pays top prices for recycling all your scrap. We advise you to phone us for the latest prices – Find a Location near you.

At Pacific, we understand business. We also understand that no two businesses are alike.We’ll match our expertise with your business to create a recycling program that can improve operations, meet regulatory requirements, increase diversion rates and enhance your sustainability mission.
Our goal is to identify the best equipment to collect your recyclables in — we offer large roll-off containers and dumpsters to handle big jobs to stand-alone cardboard receptacles to make day-to-day office recycling easy. Pacific will assess your material — the amount and type — then identify a space suitable for practical collection and accessible truck pickup.

Our proposals are truly a customized program to meet your needs to make recycling a convenient, everyday activity for your staff, tenants or customers.

Advanced Shredder Technology

Our shredding facilities in Idaho and Montana combine state-of-the-art technology with a green twist. It starts with salvage (autos, appliances, etc.) from just about any of our branches. A combination of large hammers, blowers and magnets work to separate the scrap into individual elements, producing separated recyclable material and reducing the need for mining additional metals.

You want to manage the footprint you leave on the environment and Pacific shares your concern. Costs of waste removal are on the rise, but you can be assured that our goal is to optimize the recovery of materials that are discarded every day.

According to the EPA, as many as 35% of households in America don’t recycle. Less than 10% of businesses in the country aren’t recycling either. This represents an immense opportunity not only to help save the environment and adopt green waste management policies, but save money and space while doing so.

Whether you have a bag full of aluminum cans, or a flatbed loaded with scrap steel, Pacific is quick, accurate and convenient. Many locations provide Drive-Through Recycling, and to support our communities, all of our locations will let you donate your recyclables to charity.

What DO we recycle?

  • Aluminum food and beverage cans
  • Aluminum scrap
  • Copper
  • Insulated Copper
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Radiators
  • Lead
  • Batteries
  • Scrap Iron
  • Tin
  • Car Bodies
  • Cardboard
  • Electronics
  • Catalytic Converters
  • Some plastics (Contact your local branch before you go to confirm if they accept plastics and what types)

View or Download our Prohibited Items PDF for more details.

If you have any questions, please call your local branch for assistance.

What cannot be recycled?

View or Download our Prohibited Items PDF for more details.

If you have any questions, please call your local branch for assistance.

Aren't there easier ways to help the environment?

There are a lot of different ways to help the environment, but recycling with Pacific is easy to do. It’s all about finding what works for you and what fits with your lifestyle. You could also walk or bike to work, use reusable shopping bags when going to the grocery store, or buy recycled-content products. But it takes someone putting recyclables into their container and taking them to recycle in order for those recycled-content products to get made!

What are some tips to make recycling easier?

  • Put your recycling container next to your trash container, so you’ll be reminded to recycle every time you go to throw something away.
  • Keep a smaller recycling container or bin in the kitchen pantry or by a trash container to make recycling convenient. Once the smaller bin is full, simply dump it into your larger recycling container. (Or, if you use a bag to collect your recyclables, just empty it into your container so all materials are loose, not bagged.) If you are unsure what is and isn’t recyclable, see above.
  • Set out recycling container in high-traffic areas at parties to encourage guests to recycle—and make your clean-up easier!
  • Keep a small grocery bag in your car to bring in recyclables such as cans and water bottles so they don’t get trashed (just remember to shake out the bags into your cart so that only loose recyclables are collected.)

Pacific’s E-Recycling ensures that materials used to make these electronics are disposed of properly and safely. Help protect our environment by recycling your personal or business electronics at Pacific where you will find the best prices and service.


View our RIOS and R2v3 Certifications!

1508 11th Avenue North, Nampa, ID 83687 United States

What types of E-Scrap can I bring in to Pacific?

  • Laptops
  • Personal Computers (PCs)
  • Cell Phones
  • Digital Cable & Boxes
  • Internal Components (Hard Drives, DVD & CD Drives, Power Supplies
  • Servers
  • Circuit Boards
  • Scrap Memory
  • Network Equipment

What are the benefits and advantages of recycling E-Scrap?

  • Conserves natural resources. Recycling recovers valuable materials from old electronics that can be used to make new products. As a result, we save energy, reduce pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save resources by extracting fewer raw materials from the earth.

What is the process for recycling E-Scrap?

  1. You bring Pacific your old electronics, computers and other electronics
  2. Pacific recovers/reuses functional peripherals or components
  3. Recycling of constituent materials: Recycle those components that cannot be repaired.

Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

  • Pacific E-Recycling is committed to manage Focus Materials throughout the recycling chain to final disposition with due diligence to protect our environment.Pacific E-Recycling is committed to continuous improvement achieved through monitoring of goals and rigorous evaluation of our management system.
  • Pacific E-Recycling is committed to maximizing our ability to properly reuse, recover, recycle or dispose of electronics waste in a safe, effective manner by pursuing knowledge that leads to responsible practices designed to protect the environment and sustain natural resources for current and future generations.
  • Pacific E-Recycling is committed to continual improvement and customer satisfaction.
  • Pacific E-Recycling is committed to the prevention of pollution and prevention of injury and ill health.
  • Pacific E-Recycling is committed to comply with applicable legal and other stakeholder requirements relative to the quality, environmental and health and safety aspects of our business.
  • Pacific E-Recycling is committed to providing a framework for setting and reviewing quality, environmental, health and safety goals.
  • Pacific E-Recycling is committed to manage used and end of life electronic equipment based on a reuse, refurbishment, recovery, disposal hierarchy including onsite and downstream materials management throughout the recycling chain.

Pacific Steel & Recycling Factoids

1 ton of Aluminum cans
recycled is the equivalent
of 36 barrels of oil

We drive over
2,500,000 miles
each year

We have 46 locations
to serve you

Recycling helps protect
forests which reduce
CO2 emissions


We are an employee-owned corporation with 46 branch offices in Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado, and Montana.

We are driven by the desire to develop long-term, successful relationships with our customers, vendors, employees, communities and the mills, treating each as a vital business partner. Realizing the full potential of this vision will result in a thriving business that will leave a legacy of achievement not only for future employees but for customers and other business partners as well.

Throughout our 120 year history we have always made service our main focus. Every one of our employee/owners is dedicated to serving the needs of our countless customers.

Whether that be a decades long relationship or a brand new one, we sincerely thank you for your business.



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