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We offer Steel and Recycling services at this location.

1805 Highway 2 North
Havre, MT 59501

Phone: (406) 265-5824


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Havre Steel & Recycling

Havre is known as the “Crown Jewel” along the Montana highline just below Canada. Havre is also home to Big Bud 747, the world’s largest farm tractor.  We offer steel services and can get (and make) you the steel you need, when you need it. But unlike a national or offshore provider, we take recycling and sustainability seriously, and continuously seek to improve our supply chain. We even sell our scrap metal back to US steel mills and in turn buy back those products for future use and sales– reducing our impact and keeping those products within America. Plus– we’re 100% employee owned. That means you, our valued customer, are working with employees who have a wealth of knowledge and a vested interest in your success – because your success is ultimately our success. Want to feel good about the business you support with your purchase? Pacific Steel has your back Havre. Give us a call today.