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An Open Letter to Spokane

August 17, 2015

  An Open Letter to Spokane –   Pacific Steel & Recycling has been in business in Spokane since 1889 and have always placed the safety of our communities and employees as our highest priority. On Wednesday August 12th, a … Continue reading

Spokane Member of the Pacific Steel & Recycling Family Passes

August 17, 2015

August 16, 2015 (Spokane, Washington) — Saturday night Pacific Steel & Recycling President and CEO Jeff Millhollin was notified by family the last man left in ICU from the Wednesday incident passed away. Millhollin had the following statement: “Words cannot … Continue reading

Chemical Gas Leak at Spokane, WA

August 13, 2015

A chemical gas leak caused by a punctured canister at our Spokane branch has hospitalized several employees. I am on site in Spokane to see the needs of our employees and the public as we work to provide the most … Continue reading

Why us? That’s a good question. Although it would sound strange to call this section “Why you”, that’s probably a more likely topic. You see, everything we do at Pacific Steel & Recycling has you, the consumer, in mind. Our mission statement even says “…to develop long-term, successful relationships with our customers.” That’s not just lip service.

Pacific is 100% employee-owned. When you do business with your local branch, you’re doing business with a friend or a neighbor. Our success is wholly determined by your success. Being an integral part of the community is important to us, so is helping to make our communities better places to live.

A major contributor to that business practice is how best to serve you. Amenities such as drive-through recycling, pick-up service and roll-off containers all have you in mind. Rest assured Pacific Steel & Recycling will continually strive to meet your needs in the best way possible.

When it comes to steel products, you’ll be “hard-pressed” (a little Pacific humor) to find another company that offers what we do. Our Ag/Livestock products are constructed to meet whatever your need may be. From bull gates to barbed wire, rest assured you’ll get the highest caliber product on the market.

There’s one other thing we’d like to mention: the future.

Not ours as a company, but “ours as a planet.” We are committed to continually pursuing knowledge and practices that lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions for us, our employees, our families and our children. Protecting our resources is not just doing business, it’s just doing what’s right.

Mission & Vision

Pacific Steel & Recycling is driven by the desire to develop long-term, successful relationships with our customers, vendors, employees, communities and the mills, treating each as a vital business partner.

We strive to:

  • Offer superior customer service.
  • Maintain neat, well-organized, user-friendly work places.
  • Listen and respond to the needs of each business partner.
  • Make safety a top priority.
  • Treat our employees as our number one asset.
  • Uphold the highest levels of integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior.
  • Show genuine concern for our communities and contribute to their advancement.

Realizing the full potential of this vision will result in a thriving business that will leave a legacy of achievement not only for future employees but for customers and other business partners as well.


Pacific’s road to becoming a steel and recycling giant began as a one-man operation in Spokane, Wash. Joe Thiebes emigrated from Germany in the 1880s and followed his family’s business tradition of trading hides and furs. Soon, Thiebes sent his son, also named Joe, to the wilds of Montana. And in the early 1920s, the younger Thiebes officially founded Pacific Hide & Fur Depot in Great Falls.

During World War I, the company expanded beyond furs and hides into collecting ferrous and nonferrous scrap. And this scrap metals venture eventually led the firm to branch out in the 1950s into sales of new steel products. The Thiebes family business continued into the third generation, with another son – again named Joe – joining forces with his father as the company steadily opened additional locations under the Pacific Hide & Fur name.

The Thiebes family owned the company and the senior Joe Thiebes continued to serve as chairman of the board until his death in 1988, though he wasn’t involved in Pacific’s day-to-day management. The end of daily family involvement in the business came with the death of the younger Joe Thiebes in 1982. However, Pacific is dedicated to carrying on the Thiebes family tradition of “shooting straight”.

Today, Pacific is an employee-owned corporation with 46 branch offices in Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado, Montana, and Alberta, Canada.


Jeff Millhollin

Jeff Millhollin,

President and Chief Executive Officer


Jeff Millhollin, a graduate of Northwest Nazarene University with Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, began his career at Pacific Steel & Recycling in 1999 as the Assistant Operations Manager. He was promoted to Regional Manager of Boise/Nampa, Idaho in 2001, and accepted the position of Vice President of Scrap Operations in 2007. In September 2011, he was appointed the President and CEO, by the Board of Directors of Pacific Steel & Recycling. He also serves as Chairman of the Board.

His previous experience in the scrap industry was with SimsMetal Management. His duties included postings in Australia, California, and finally in Canada before coming to Pacific in 1999.

Jeff has served as Treasurer and on the Board of Directors of the Association of Idaho Recyclers; President of the British Columbia Chapter of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries; committee member of the Northern California Chapter of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industry; a member of the Executive Leadership Exchange in Nampa, Idaho; on the Board of Directors for the Great Falls Rotary Club; Board of Directors for the Great Falls Public Schools Foundation and served on many other community volunteer organizations.

Jeff is married and has two children.

Ed Joyce

Ed Joyce,

Vice President- Steel Operations


Ed graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance in 1993 and received an MBA from the University of Central Oklahoma in 1996. He worked for Zale Corporation in Dallas, TX as a Financial Analyst and Staff Accountant for two years before joining Chaparral Steel in 1998 where he started his steel career in the sales department. He was then promoted to District Sales Manager and was responsible for the Western U.S. Region which also included Western Canada. He continued in the same position with Gerdau (A Brazilian based steel company) after it acquired Chaparral Steel in 2007. In 2009, Ed took a position with Nucor Steel in Utah where he was hired on as a District Sales Manager for the Intermountain Region of the U.S.

Ed is currently involved with the Metals Service Center Institute and the North American Steel Alliance organizations. He joined Pacific Steel and Recycling in 2011 as Branch Manager of the Salt Lake City, UT operation and was named Vice President of Steel Operations in 2013.

Ed, his wife and three children reside in Great Falls, MT.

Pat Kons

Pat Kons,

Vice President- Scrap Operations


Pat graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Business Management in 1977. He went to work for the State of Utah after college and was a Park Ranger with Utah State Parks & Recreation for 12 years. After obtaining an MBA from the University of Phoenix in 1991 he went to work for Western Coatings, which later became part of Farwest Steel. In 1995 he was promoted to Plant Manager of the Ogden, Utah Facility. In 2000 Nucor Steel Plymouth Division hired Pat as (DSM) District Sales Manager of its intermountain, five Sate territory.

Pat joined Pacific in 2008 as Manager of the Salt Lake City branch and was appointed Vice President Of Scrap Operations in 2011.

Ken Halko

Ken Halko,

Vice President- Ferrous Processing and Trading


Ken began his career with Pacific in 1984 working with mobile demolition crew throughout Montana. In 1992 he was promoted to assistant manager of the Great Falls recycling branch. In 2004 Ken transferred to the corporate office as the manager of ferrous marketing and in 2013 he was named vice president of ferrous processing and trading. Ken graduated from Ashford University with a B.S. in business management.

Ken and his wife, Janet, have three children.

Tim Culliton

Tim Culliton,

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


A 1976 graduate of Carroll College with a degree in accounting and economics, Tim began his career with Pacific Steel & Recycling in 2000. Previously he was the Audit Manager at JCCS, Controller at Bison Motor Company and Controller at Energy West.

His past community involvement includes Montana Diabetes Association President and Treasurer, numerous positions with the United Way of Cascade County, Great Falls Food Bank Treasurer, High Plains Development Authority Treasurer and serving as President of the Benefis Foundation Board of Directors. Tim is currently the Treasurer for the Meadowlark Country Club Board and holds a seat on the Loan Review Committee of the Great Falls Development Authority.

Tim and his wife had a son who passed away from Muscular Dystrophy in 2008 and have a daughter who is a school teacher at East Middle School in Great Falls, MT.

Rick Carl

Rick Carl,

Chief Information Officer


Rick graduated from the University of Washington in 1995 with a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology. He began his career in technology at SAFECO supporting desktop and business applications. After leaving SAFECO in 2003 Rick worked in a variety of industries in Washington and Alaska. After joining AT&T in 2008 Rick focused on network and data consulting for medium and large enterprise customers. In 2013 Rick relocated with his family to Missoula, MT to join Centurylink as a Senior Enterprise Relationship Manager. Rick has worked with Pacific Steel over the past two years as a technical consultant and accepted the position of Chief Information Officer in June 2016.

Rick, his wife, and two children reside in Great Falls, MT.

Stacey Lamy

Stacey Lamy,

Human Resources Director


Stacey graduated from Minot State University in 2000 with a B.S. in Business/Marketing. She spent the following 4 years in Germany working in Accounting for Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS). She moved to Las Vegas, NV in 2004 and transitioned into Human Resources with TRAX International Corporation, a large employee-owned government contractor. She was promoted to Human Resources Director in 2005 where she was responsible for corporate compliance, training and development, recruiting, worker’s compensation administration, policy development and benefits administration, including oversight of the company’s 401k, Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and Self-Funded Health Plan.

Stacey has been a member of the Society for Human Resource Management since 2006. She also volunteers as a key spouse and is active in the military community. She and her husband, Josh, have two children.

Pacific Steel and Recycling is committed to pursuing knowledge and practices that lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which help to protect the environment and sustain natural resources for current and future generations. A lead practice in this effort is keeping recyclable material out of our solid waste streams. This is accomplished through trade relationships with communities and the people we serve. This partnership is vital in reclaiming valuable secondary materials for reuse into new products, conserving natural resources and making better use of landfill capacity. By purchasing products at the end of their life and processing them back into raw materials, we reduce need for virgin materials, such as iron ore trees and other natural resources. For example:

  • Did you know that recycling one automobile conserves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone? In partnership with our customers, we recycle tens of thousands of automobiles each year.
  • Recycling one automobile saves the energy equivalent of 500 gallons of gasoline. Annually, with community support, we conserve over a million gallons of this precious resource.
  • Recycling aluminum saves 95% of the energy needed to make new aluminum (including bauxite ore and electricity). With local backing, we recycle tens of millions of pounds of aluminum per year.

Beyond energy savings, there are equally significant environmental savings as well, including air emissions, water pollution, water usage and mining waste generation: For example:

  • Did you know that for every ton of recycled paper produced (in lieu of raw manufacturing), over 50 pounds of pollution effluent is kept out of the air? In partnership with our customers, we recycle several tons of paper each year.
  • Utilizing scrap steel (in lieu of raw manufacturing) reduces CO2 emissions by 58% and reduces water-related wastes by nearly 70%. Annually, with community support, we recycle hundreds of thousands of tonnage of ferrous scrap metal.
  • Copper mining wastes constitute the largest quantity of metal mining and processing wastes in the United States. With local backing, we help to eliminate these wastes by recycling over a million pounds of copper per year.

Pacific Steel and Recycling is dedicated to using new innovation and technology in maximizing resource recovery and “clean processing.” With an environmental conscience in mind, we are reducing the operational impact of fluids and contaminants in inflow materials by installing “state of the art” drainage racks and improving housekeeping methods. In addition, we are constantly developing best management practices and instructive policies to prevent pollution, conserve resources and mentor stakeholders on how to pursue and achieve similar results. Together, with our loyal customers, we will continue balancing economic growth and environmental stewardship through an understanding that everything we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. And by “being green”, we’re creating and maintaining sustainability for the conditions under which we and nature exist.

Resources: Earth;;;; Institute of Recycling Industries (ISRI).

Pacific Steel and Recycling is committed to embracing a culture that excels in environmental, health and safety management practices. Pacific Steel and Recycling’s mission is to meet and exceed regulatory requirements to entrust a legacy of safe work practices and environmental stewardship that ensures sustainability for our families and the communities we serve.

Pacific Steel & Recycling Pledge on Safety Commitment Through our Commitment to safety excellence, we pledge to all our employee owners, customers, and the public, that we will work collaboratively to bring sustainable, market-driven and innovative solutions making our facilities safer and healthier for people everywhere. We will implement this commitment that builds successful businesses and achieves the greatest benefit for all our employee owners, customers and the community without compromise. If we cannot do it safely, then we will not do it at all.
We will continuously improve our safety practices. We will strengthen our businesses by making safety issues an integral part of all business activities and by continuously striving to go beyond the fundamentals of OSHA compliance or other regulatory agencies expectations.
We believe that all injuries and illnesses, as well as safety and environmental incidents, are preventable, and are committed to a culture that strives for a proactive approach in our health & safety program through management accountability, employee owner empowerment and open communications.

Pacific Steel & Recycling is 100% employee-owned, meaning when you do business with your local branch, you are doing business with your friends and neighbors. As such, we take pride in supporting our customers by providing quality steel products and processing capabilities as well as a variety of recycling services to fit their needs.

We support local groups and organizations, donating our time, money, and skills to help make our communities better places to live and work. Pacific supports a wide variety of organizations, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Big Brother Big Sisters
  • Paris Gibson Square
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Rotary
  • Kiwanis
  • 4-H
  • FFA
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Children’s Receiving Home
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • YMCA
  • Montana Meth Project
  • Children’s Museum of Montana
  • YWCA
  • Walleye Unlimited
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Rodeo Teams and Associations
  • Special Olympics
  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Center for Mental Health
  • C.M. Russell Museum
  • John William Jackson Fund
  • Food Banks

In addition to supporting these groups, Pacific also supports a number of events and fundraisers for local causes.